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How to Know When it’s Time to Get a New Roof

  • Aug 25, 2015
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Your roof is built to be resilient and with proper care, it can last for a long time. Most of the problems can be fixed with simple repairs. However, there are times when roofing issues are serious enough to require a complete replacement. Installing a new roof can be an expensive affair and needs careful consideration before investment. At DC Roofing and Exteriors, we don’t recommend installing a new roof unless it’s absolutely necessary.

But how do you know it’s necessary? Here are some signs that your roof might need replacing.

1 – Consider How Old your Roof is

Nothing lasts forever and that’s especially true in the case of the exteriors of your home, including the roof. It is exposed to harsh elements continuously so naturally, it becomes worn down with age. We believe that a standard roof should last you for about 20 to 25 years if it’s properly maintained and ventilated. If your roof is just a layer of shingles installed over older layers, a replacement might be necessary.

2 – Examine the Shingles

Check to see if your shingles are buckling or curling. If they are, it’s a sure sign that you need to replace them. You need to contact a reliable professional to examine them to understand the extent of the damage. The shingles are most likely too old.

3 – Check for Gaps 

If you notice sunlight or leaks coming through the roof into the attic, you need to consider replacement. This would be because of some gaps in the roof boards or significant damage that needs to be addressed. You should also check the insulation for dampness to find the source of any leaks.

4 – Examine the Gutters

It’s a good idea to check your roof regularly and to keep an eye on the gutters. If you find an increasing amount of debris and granules from the shingles in them, it’s a sign that all is not well with your roof. Shingles tend to disintegrate faster at the end of their life, leading to more granules in the gutter.

If you see these signs, you need to contact a professional to inspect the roof and confirm your findings. For more information on roofing and exterior maintenance or repair in Greenwood, Indiana, you can contact DC Roofing and Exteriors. Just give us a call at 812 344 5750. You can also fill in this contact us form and we’ll reply as soon as possible.




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